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Textile&Home opens new horizons at INTERFABRIC-2023.Spring exhibition.

From March 13 to March 15 Expocentre Fairgrounds hosted Textile&Home Salon organically integrated into INTERFABRIC exhibition. The Salon's exposition accounted for 83 companies from 5 countries supplying fabrics, materials for home textiles, ready-made home textiles and services for this market segment.
Together with the Salon the 13th International Exhibition INTERFABRIC-2023.Spring once again broke its own record in terms of the number of exhibitors and visitors: 388 companies presented about 800 brands on an area of over 17,000 sq. meters. Factories from 40 regions of Russia, as well as China, Turkey, India, Vietnam, and Iran showed their achievements. National expositions were presented by Belarus and Uzbekistan. For three days 16,984 visitors from the professional industry community were registered.
The exposition of home textiles was zoned by country and harmoniously built in into the exhibition. The leading companies in that segment were represented at Textile&Home Salon: TDL Textile, Avangard, Kamyshinsky Textile, Mogotex, Orsha Linen Mill, Sofi de Marko, Kristina MILLE and others. Many participants of this season are already regular exhibitors in the Salon.
"I am very pleased with the way the exhibition went," says Lada Romanova, director of the Textile&Home Salon. – I would like to note the intensity of visits to specialized companies, all the exhibitors of the Salon were very pleased as they received both the visitors they expected and those they did not even expect to see. Many exhibitors took part in the business program and those who did not take advantage of this opportunity decided to do it at the next exhibition, as they realized that it was very important. It is no secret that in Russia there are many interesting unique companies that are yet not known, but they have something to say and this can be done best in the format of an open dialogue with your target audience at the exhibition."
Lada Romanova
The business program was full of thematic events. For the first time, the Salon hosted the conference "Impeccable tailoring 2.0 through the eyes of a decorator, by the hands of a technologist", organized in cooperation with the Union of Textile Designers and Decorators, online school for designers and decorators WILLIZ and Expocentre Fairgrounds.
For the first time at the exhibition a meeting "Russian apparel industry for the HoReCa" was held, at which Alexei Volkov, President of OSIG (All-Russian Union of the Hospitality Industry), Advisor to the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Tourism and Tourism Infrastructure Development, spoke with ideas of inter-industry cooperation. "Today it is important for us not only to develop regional tourism, but also to bring it to the level of profitability by lowering the cost of a room and this is possible only in close cooperation with domestic producers. Therefore, we are committed to joint support programs at the intersectoral level and are ready not only to put forward initiatives, but also to work on their implementation," he said.
Also the business program of the exhibition included many practical and educational events dedicated to trends in home textiles, sales on marketplaces, promotion in modern conditions and new technologies in the manufacture of products.

For the first time, within the framework of the Textile&Home Salon, a trend zone of the exhibition "Space of Interior Trends" was organized, where visitors could get acquainted with the trends of the SS24 season. The project was implemented in partnership with the Union of Textile Designers and Decorators. Each of the four themes of the trends - recycling, the metaverse, the roots of the family and art - was embodied by a team of designers led by Yesenia Semipyadnaya, founder and president of the professional association.
"On behalf of Aksan Textile, I want to express my deep gratitude to the organizers," Natalia Mikhailova, representative of Aksan Textile in Russia, evaluates the work of the Salon. - We were assisted at all stages - before the exhibition, during its work and even after. As for the exhibition days themselves, we were simply overwhelmed with visitors. Some of them have definitely become our clients and, I hope, for a long time. I also want to note: it is very convenient that a VIP-hall was allocated for meetings with our regular customers who came to visit us. Live communication at the exhibition between the customer and the contractor is necessary and mandatory! We see that our target audience, the people we work with, visit the exhibition, so it is very important for us to participate in it. Thank you all!"
Aksan Textile
"We were pleased to have a large number of wholesale customers, including those from the regions," comments Daria Mizernaya, head of the sales department at Firm SVI Don. – As newcomers to the show, we wanted to make ourselves known. We have already managed to get acquainted with the market leaders and adopted some market trends. The exhibition itself strikes us with the level of organization. As exhibitors we are pleasantly surprised by the level of service. We see that everything is set up optimally and as conveniently as possible for visitors. Of course I would like to thank the organizers. We look forward to further cooperation."
Firm SVI Don
So, the Textile&Home salon has shown that it is ready to become an independent event. And we invite everyone interested in the development of Russian home textiles to the Textile & Home exhibition, which will be held in the creative space Afimall City in the heart of business Moscow.
See you on September 5-7, 2023 at Afmall City, 6th floor at the new exhibition!
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