"LBL Print": printing of any complexity according to the customer's order.

The allocation of the home textile exposition into a separate "TEXTIL&HOME-2024.Spring" exhibition was the right decision of the INTERFABRIC management – this is confirmed by a large number of warm responses from the exhibitors. Among them, a prominent place is occupied by the Moscow advertising and production company LBL Print, which has been confidently operating on the market for more than 30 years.

LBL Print offers its customers fabric printing, UV and solvent printing of wide and ultra–wide formats - up to 5 meters, sublimation printing up to 3.2 meters, direct printing, printing with fluorescent inks, production of VIP class souvenirs, development and manufacture of POSM of any complexity, as well as all types of post-printing works and much more.

The company is distinguished by consistently high quality of services, flexible pricing, execution of large volumes in a short time, solving non–standard tasks, such as UV printing on hard materials of large formats, including with the effect of a three-dimensional image.

"We have been on the market for a very long time, but relatively recently, in 2019, we started printing on textiles," says Elena Bularga, the company's technologist. – We have Italian equipment installed. Its main advantage is the width of the fabric 3.2 meters. That is, we can print curtains, bedspreads and similar wide products for home textiles.

– What is the difference in the quality of your printing from competitors?

– In addition to the main colors, we use additional ones: royal blue, orange and two fluorescent ones – yellow and pink. Due to this, the print brightness is maximized. It is the Italian quality that we guarantee. We can print on any fabric, from fine chiffon to carpet. We have our own production facility in Moscow with a technical base of more than 2,000 square meters.

Previously, we were participants in the INTERTFABRIC exhibition for several years, and it is very good that a separate site was allocated for home textiles this year. This makes it easier for customers to find us, and we don't get lost among, for example, manufacturers of technical fabrics.

– What novelties did you bring to the exhibition?

– We have brought a print on blackout fabric, tablecloths, pillows, fleece blankets and various samples of materials on which we can make any print at the request of the customer. Besides textiles, we also print on other materials. Our stand at the exhibition was covered with non–woven wallpaper with PVC coating - this is a method of UV printing. Therefore, we can offer interior designers to make a comprehensive design of the entire room in a single style: wall coverings, curtains, tablecloths and so on.

– Who is your client?

– Various companies and individuals. There are many customers who design some kind of public spaces: offices, children's centers, banks, exhibition spaces. There are very large and well-known brands, including foreign ones.

– Have new contacts appeared thanks to the "TEXTIL&HOME-2024.Spring" exhibition?

– Yes, of course. Several promising potential customers have come to us. These are curtain manufacturers – they are just interested in printing on a wide range of materials. Or cosmetics manufacturers who want to order merch from us: beach bags and pareos. They were just interested in the fact that we use fluorescent colors, and on the beach, in the sun, these products will look just gorgeous.

– And which colors are more popular?

– It depends on the customer's needs. We made our stand at the exhibition in neutral colors, but bright ones are also in demand. For example, before the New Year, we had a very interesting order from the Nikulin Circus: we printed the decor using fluorescent paints, with ultraviolet illumination, acrobats under the dome with our scarves looked very impressive. Also, this print looks very nice in the dark on theatrical sets.

– What are your impressions of the last exhibition?

– Everything went great, our clients found us. We hope that even more customers will come to us at the exhibition this autumn, and we will definitely participate!