"Smart" fabrics in the Chinese exposition at the “TEXTILE&HOME-2024. Spring” exhibition.

Recently, unique developments have been actively developed to create "smart" clothing that preserves a person in aggressive environments, high and low temperature conditions. Textile production innovations have gradually entered and have already taken a strong position in the field of home textiles – antibacterial and moisture-repellent impregnations, micro- and nanofibers, all kinds of fillers, etc. are used both in interior fabrics and in products for the dining room, bedroom, bathroom. Enterprises in China are actively introducing new technologies into the production process, therefore, the segment of "smart" fabrics in the Chinese exposition of the “TEXTILE&HOME-2024. Spring” exhibition will be presented very widely.

For example, dyed polyester fabric made of ultrathin fibers will be brought to the exhibition by Laimei Sci-Tech Inc. The products are certified by OEKO STANDARD 100, GRS, which is an absolute guarantee of safety for the end user. All materials are harmless and non-toxic.

The company offers all types of printed and dyed fabrics, fabrics for digital printing, satin farbik, fabrics on sintepon, pongee fabric, taffeta, minimatt, peach leather, velvet, jacquard, with carved pile, cationic, four-sided stretch, chinlon, double twill and others. The assortment includes dyed polyester, printed fabrics.

In Moscow, LAIMEI SCI-TECH INC will search for new customers and receive new orders. You will be able to find their products at booth 3N04.

Yuyue Home Textile Co., LTD. It was founded in 2004, and its main business is related to home textiles. Currently, the company has formed five leading products, including new useful materials, eco-friendly home textiles, high-end clothing, useful household goods and medical equipment.

Among them are new products presented by new antiviral materials based on nanofiber membranes, new antibacterial materials on a biological basis, new materials with warm infrared radiation, the main technical level of which has reached leading domestic and international indicators.

The company's products will be presented at booth 3N10.

Suzhou Tuye Textile Co., LTD. will also show its achievements. The products of this company are very popular with a number of the most famous brands, specialty stores and department stores. The goods are shipped to many countries around the world, including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates.

One of the company's sales hits are bath mats. The front part of such a mat is made of soft microfiber, and the back part is treated with an anti-slip lining. They are soft to walk on, and they dry quickly. Such mats will be brought by the company's employees to the exhibition, where they will occupy stand 3L13. Other carpets will also be demonstrated there. Suzhou Tuye Textile Co., LTD hopes to discover the Russian market through participation in the exhibition.

Finally, the company Suzhou We Textile Co., LTD (Wetex) will also be represented at the “TEXTILE&HOME-2024. Spring” exhibition. (stand 3N25). It has long turned into a reliable supplier of upholstery fabrics. The company supplies high-quality fabrics in a short time and has an attractive and fashionable collection of fabrics. The assortment includes velvet, linen fabrics, leather fabrics. The Chinese factory will bring, in particular, fabric for the sofa to the exhibition. She, as well as colleagues from other parts of the Middle Kingdom, intends to discover the Russian market.