Elena Gilmanova, TC "Treartex": what does HoReCa industry expect from apparel industry?

During the pandemic and due the recent developments the tourism sector fell under sanctions. Many of our citizens had to change foreign resorts to traveling around Russia. This gave an additional impetus to development of Russian tourism industry.

Today we have about 20,000 classified hotels in the country and about the same number of unclassified ones. Their owners faced the problem of the lack of high-quality imported textiles: towels, bed linen, tablecloths. In addition, at the moment, most domestic hotels are in need for high-quality renovation.

As part of business program of the INTERFABRIC-2023.Spring exhibition, for the first time they started talking about the problems of hospitality sector in terms of impossibility of imports replacement for fabrics. What do our manufacturers offer for HoReCa industry? The owner and founder of the TC Treartex brand, Elena Gilmanova, told what fabrics for hospitality industry should be like:

– Of course, hotel textiles cannot be equipped with what is suitable for home use. First of all it should be safe textiles with flame-retardant properties, high wear resistance, environmentally friendly and easy to clean. And in order to reduce the final cost, an industrial scale is needed. This is possible only if there is cooperation of all market participants with involvement of both scientific component and representatives of medium and big businesses.

The main distinguishing feature of cooperation is, of course, mutual benefit. In association, one brand enhances the other, and each participant gains an advantage.

The effect may be unexpected - for example, like our experience of cooperation with the Thermopol company. Initially, we created flame-retardant mattresses for shipbuilding, but the products have shown themselves well in HoReCa segment, and even in the private sector.

The motivation for the development of industry was clearly manifested in 2022. Now we are direct participants in its development.