The business program considered the development of domestic clothing production

On March 12, as part of the business program of the Russian Textile Week, which unites the exhibition "INTERFABRIC-2024.Spring" and "TEXTILE&HOME", an expert session "Overview of the global fabric market" was held. The event was held by Olga Gushchina, marketer, brand strategist and art director of TRND lab&BRND buro, trendwatcher, curator of trendbooks.
The following topics were discussed at the session:
  • the general state of the market of fabrics and accessories;
  • the most striking changes in the industry are global trends;
  • changes at the Russian level: the influence of internal and external factors;
  • how trends can be applied in your company for successful development.

The speakers were:
- Andrey Eremeev, General Director of Capriccio LLC;
- Tatyana Volkova, CEO of Rutkani;
- Larisa Kamenskaya, designer, owner of the textile agency and accessories brand Kamenskaya;
- Angela Kryzhanovskaya, founder and owner of Crystal Hobby.

Andrey Eremeev elaborated on the trends of the modern Russian fabric market: "Since 2023, the number of light industry manufacturers has increased by 25% in the first quarter, reaching 5,927 companies, compared with 4,217 companies in the previous quarter. This is an impressive growth. The number of importers decreased by 6.1%, amounting to 1,390 companies supplying light industry products. It is also worth noting that the number of companies selling domestic and imported products increased by 14.2%. However, the amount of light industry consumption fell by 6% in the same quarter. This figure is understandable from the point of view of economic trends – this is the process of clearing the market. Since April 1, a mandatory quality mark has been introduced for all manufactured clothing, and no marketplace will accept products without this mark. Since June 1, the sale of goods that were imported earlier and were not marked has been prohibited."

According to Yeremeyev, the main trend today is the general cleansing of the market: "The main trend in the field of fabrics is to create materials that are externally, in properties or composition as close as possible to natural fabrics. There are more and more of these fabrics on the mass market. Another trend is the development of domestic clothing production. Today, medium and even small market players have access to materials for creating interesting and beautiful products that allow them to win not at the expense of price, but at the expense of design and accessibility through marketplaces and social networks."

Tatyana Volkova spoke about current market trends and about Rutkani, which follows them to achieve success: "Rutkani is one of the leading manufacturers of knitted fabrics in Russia. It has been actively developing for more than 15 years and occupies a leading position in the market. The main product range is aimed at children. Rutkani strives to offer its customers natural and environmentally friendly materials, as well as profitable business solutions for clothing manufacturers."

Volkova noted that current market trends show that the demand for artificial fabrics is constantly growing, and more and more raw materials are sent for processing. At the same time, a mix of fabrics is becoming an integral part of modern fashion.