Fabric Market&Napolyn: we hope for a productive result from participating in the exhibition

Fabric Market&Napolyn, founded in 2016, has been providing wholesale and retail customers with high-quality fabrics and canvases for eight years. The main specialization is natural fabrics for home textiles. This year Fabric Market&Napolyn became a participant of the “TEXTILE&HOME-2024. Spring” exhibition. One of the owners of the company, Alyona Grigorieva, shared her impressions.
– Alyona, tell us a little about your company.
– It all started with a small family business. When my child was born, I had a desire to sew the best blanket in the world for him, from the softest fabric. Then we ordered fabrics from different countries. We touched, washed, checked and realized that we like Turkish and Chinese fabrics. Some of them have their own properties, others have a variety of children's prints. And so historically, we began to work with partners from these countries and successfully continue to do so.

We do not just work with manufacturers from Turkey and China – we represent their interests in Russia. Our main warehouse is located in Novosibirsk, we deliver directly from the manufacturing countries to Moscow. These are mainly fabrics for home textiles, bed linen – natural cotton fabrics. We have been working like this for the eighth year.
– What is the basis of your product range?
– Almost all of our products are very popular. These are satin – plain and printed, stripe-satin; ranfors – plain and printed, pressed ranfors; plush – minkydot, stripe, quad, double–sided pigtail; muslin – pressed two–layer and four-layer, plain and printed cage; flannel - plain and printed; waffle cloth - small honeycombs, large honeycombs, checkerboard; terry cloth – classic and with a waterproof layer; knitted fabric-pigtail; DUK – waterproof fabric with dirt- and water-repellent impregnation.
– What new products did you present at the “TEXTILE&HOME-2024. Spring” exhibition?
– We have new fabrics, new prints. Tencel, for example, for bed linen, for clothes is our novelty. We presented new prints on existing fabrics and canvases.
– Which fabrics, colors, and prints are in the greatest demand among your customers?
– Probably one of the most popular trends is plain satins. They can be used not only for sewing home textiles, but also for everyday clothes. This is a natural fabric, pleasant, breathable, customers appreciate it. In terms of color, neutral, delicate tones, pastels are most often chosen. They are best suited for home textiles. Of course, emerald is the color of the year. The theme of childhood goes well with prints. Unicorns are still popular for the second year in a row. And it's spring, so floral designs are in demand.
– Share your impressions – how was the premiere of the new exhibition of home textiles for you?
– Last year we participated in the INTERFABRIC autumn exhibition for the first time, now we have decided to exhibit at the “TEXTILE&HOME-2024. Spring” exhibition. The days at the spring exhibition were productive for us. We haven't summed up the results yet, but there are many new contacts and preliminary agreements. After the last exhibition, we have many new good customers. We hope for the same productive result after this one.