Mentor's Lounge is a new format of the event within the framework of the industry exhibition

On the opening day of the exhibition, a completely new format of the business program event will be implemented – a Mentor's Lounge will open in the Seminar Hall (Pavilion 2) at 15:30. The event is organized by Soyuzlegprom, Expocentre Fairgrounds and will be held with the support of the Mentors Club.

The Mentor Lounge is an individual 30–minute session where participants will receive expert reviews of their own cases from leading experts of the Club of Mentors – entrepreneurs who already occupy leading positions in their industries, who are ready to share valuable recommendations on the implementation of ideas and projects or their transformation.

In half an hour of an individual session, you will receive contacts, years of experience and analysis of your business from the strongest entrepreneurs and managers from different fields, whose time is valuable. Top-level independent experts will analyze your business and answer all personal questions.

The mentors of the event are experts in sales, marketing, HR, automation, TOP managers who have achieved measurable, concrete results in the commercial sphere. All of them are residents of the Mentors Club

Session topics:

  1. Formation of a business strategy.
  2. Launch of new products.
  3. Setting up sales processes.
  4. Tenders and public procurement.
  5. Comprehensive risk assessment.
  6. Setting up HR processes.
  7. Development of corporate culture.
  8. Mergers and acquisitions of companies.
  9. The founder's exit from operational management.
  10. Accounting and management accounting.
  11. Optimization of business processes.
  12. Crisis management.
  13. Organization of interaction with government agencies.
  14. Product development.
  15. Setting up sales and marketing processes.
  16. Setting up regular management.
  17. Access to international markets.
  18. Scaling.
  19. Attracting investments.

All participants, including mentors, organizers and entrepreneurs, will gather in the common room before the event. The first 5 minutes are the introductory part, where the overall purpose and format of the event will be presented.

After the introductory part, the participants are distributed for individual sessions in the 1-1 format. As soon as the participants are paired up, the countdown starts for 25 minutes for a productive discussion and exchange of experiences.

After 25 minutes, all discussions are over, and new participants are invited. This cycle is repeated as many times as there are entries per session and depending on the number of mentors (usually at least three).

During the session, you identify your request, the mentor will help you look at it more broadly, share his experience, find blind spots, and help you find new non-standard solutions. Thus, you will get the opinion of an experienced entrepreneur who will look at your business from the outside, offer several ideas that will allow you to diversify your business and move it off the ground; useful contacts. Getting to know your mentor will be able to start communication with potential partners and contractors. You will also be able to share your experience with other participants of the mentoring lounge.

Upon completion of the events, mentors and meeting participants are provided with mutual contacts for further communication and interaction.

5 Steps to Make Your Business Better:

  1. Fill in the information about your business and formulate your request to the mentor.
  2. Register with the Timepad.
  3. Wait for an invitation from the manager.
  4. Get answers to your questions.
  5. Start applying new knowledge in business.

We are waiting for you at Expocentre from March 11 to 13, 2024!