RADICI PIETRO INDUSTRIES & BRANDS S.P.A. will present carpets and carpet coverings at the exhibition

We present the participant of the "TEXTILE&HOME-2024.Autumn" exhibition – the company RADICI PIETRO INDUSTRIES & BRANDS S.p.A., which is part of the Miro Radici Group of companies, a textile manufacturing group with extensive manufacturing and entrepreneurial experience.
RADICI PIETRO is the number one company in Europe with a “vertical” production, which implies a full production cycle, from the manufacture of thread, to all known types of production: from the most traditional Wilton weaving, to the most modern and high-tech tufting with ChromoJet computerized microinjection printing with a resolution of 1,000,000 pxl/m2.
The most important part of the carpet is the raw material. It is very important which wool and polyamide are used in the coating and how it is prepared. RADICI PIETRO uses only New Zeland wool, which is recognized as the highest quality and has the longest staple, wool fibers are twisted together during the manufacture of the thread, and the longer the fiber staple, the larger the twisting area and, accordingly, the fibers are more tightly bonded together and do not allow the wool to "get out" of the coating. In production, the company uses New Zealand wool in both Tufting and Axminster.
"It is very important to note that most often in our coatings we use polyamide 6.6, and not 6.0, like all our competitors. We produce this polyamide ourselves, no one else in Europe produces it except us, only in America. Polyamide 6.6 is the most modern polyamide, which significantly exceeds the characteristics of Polyamide 6.0 used by competitors. Its difference is in the structure of the thread, it has a more regular shape, which contributes to easier cleaning, and there are longitudinal holes inside the thread that reflect light, thereby making dirt on the coating more invisible, - said the representative office of RADICI PIETRO INDUSTRIES & BRANDS S.p.A. - We use the most modern technologies for its production. Whether it's woven Willton or Axminster, or tufting."
PIETRO INDUSTRIES & BRANDS S.p.A. will present a wide range of its products at the TEXTILE&HOME-2024.Autumn" exhibition in Pavilion No. 3.