Factory "Avangard" presented a new collection of products in a single design

The largest Russian manufacturers of fabrics and home textiles at INTERFABRIC-2023.Spring exhibition presented their products and novelties at the stands of the Salon of Home Textiles and Interior Fabrics. One of the best spots was traditionally occupied by Avangard company - Yuryev-Polskaya Weaving and Finishing Factory LLC, the oldest and one of the largest apparel industry enterprises not only in Vladimir Region, but in the entire Central Federal District.

Since its foundation in 1881, the factory has been successfully operating in the textile market, has gained an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of quality products and as a reliable partner. The Avangard weaving and finishing factory is a member of the Association of Employers and Producers of Vladimir Region, in 2021 celebrated its 140th anniversary.

Today Avangard specializes in production of textile goods and materials using modern high-tech equipment. In-house designers are constantly developing new fabric structures, colors, patterns, embodying design ideas. Four times a year, new collections are developed that are relevant for each season. Tatyana Markovets, commercial director of the factory, told more about the novelties of the season and participation in the Textile&Home salon.

– Your factory has existed for almost a century and a half. What line of activity has become the main one during this time?

– Our factory produces a very wide range of products, ranging from terry products to fabrics such as tapestries, tartans, velours. Terry products we produce are plain dyed, bleached for the HoReCa direction, multi-colored.

– Who is your client?

– The main consumers of our products are both large wholesale buyers and small retail stores. We also work a lot with chains and retailers. A wide range of products is produced by order - these are products with logos, with the corporate identity of various companies; we produce a large assortment for hotels, for example, a very wide range of towels. All products have a wide variety of densities.

– What novelties did your company present this season?

– Traditionally, we bring a new collection, designed specifically for the upcoming season, to INTERFABRIC exhibition, where we present it in Textile&Home salon. This year, it is represented by a common design across the line, uniting all of our products. We produced terry products in a single design - both quick-woven and plain-dyed, we worked on tapestries for them, from which you can also sew bedspreads, pillows, and all this is very well used in interiors in our homes.

– Do the latest trends in textile design influence the development of collections?

– All our collections are based on fashion trends and trends that we follow. Our company has its own design studio, which is engaged in development.

– What gives your factory participation in Textile&Home salon of INTERFABRIC exhibition?

– This is not the first time we participate in INTERFABRIC. We found its location and organization is more convenient for us than at exhibitions in which we participated earlier. Each time the exhibition expands more and more, there are more and more participants and visitors. The last exhibition gave us an opportunity not only to hold preliminary negotiations during the exhibition but also to conclude contracts after participation in the exhibition, to work out new contacts with customers, to expand our sales channels. We are very satisfied with the organization of this exhibition, so we also plan to take part in the autumn exhibition.A balancing rock, also called balanced rock or precarious boulder, is a naturally occurring geological formation featuring a large rock or boulder, sometimes of substantial size, resting on other rocks, bedrock, or on glacial till. Some formations known by this name only appear to be balancing, but are in fact firmly connected to a base rock by a pedestal or stem.