Zhongtai Dangara Sin Silu Textiles: first-class textiles from Central Asia

Introducing the new participant of the TEXTILE&HOME-2024. Spring exhibition – Zhongtai Dangara Sin Silu Textile company. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of bed linen and tablecloths in Central Asia that meet high international standards.

The company's agricultural and textile industrial park is located in the Republic of Tajikistan and includes a complete production chain that combines all processes - from planting, processing and spinning cotton, weaving and dyeing to the production of finished products. In a short period of time, the company, founded by Zhongtai Group and the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, has become the largest and most modernized agricultural and textile enterprise in the industrial park of Central Asia.

The unique geographical and natural conditions of the Republic of Tajikistan make it an important region for growing high-quality fine-fiber cotton in the world. The raw material planting base of Juntai Khatlon Sin Silu CJSC adheres to large-scale sowing and mechanized agriculture, has more than 270 agricultural machines, and also has advanced planting experience of the leading international level and provides the textile industry park with raw cotton of the highest quality.

The textile industrial park of Zhongtai Dangara Sin Silu Textile CJSC is equipped with the world's best resources – imported Swiss Rieter equipment: the first phase of the compact spinning project can produce 60,000 spindles of 30-60 high-quality combed compacts per year; German textile equipment Trützschler, which mainly produces pneumomechanical yarn OE10-32; the laboratory is equipped with a full set of world-class USTER test instruments.

The annual production of yarn reaches at least 15,000 tons, which is 80% of the total amount in the Republic of Tajikistan. For many years, the products have been manufactured and sold to Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Russia and other countries.

The knitting, dyeing and sewing workshops of the third stage have 70 circular knitting machines that can produce 8,000 tons of knitted fabric per year; 11 sets of modern advanced international-standard dyeing equipment producing 3,600 tons of dyeing knitwear; 500 sewing machines that can produce 2 million T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, underwear, suits and other types of clothing. Currently, the company has created a total of 56 exclusive clothing designs, painted in 96 colors.

The weaving workshop of the fourth stage has 216 two-day pneumatic looms, which can produce fabrics with hundreds of specifications, with an annual capacity of 16.05 million meters. All fabrics produced strictly comply with the world standard of the four-point system.

The company also launched the production of bed linen and tablecloths with a volume of 840,000 pcs. per year. In the future, it is planned to seriously develop the segment of home textiles – the introduction of bath and kitchen accessories into production.

The company's achievements in the home textile segment will be widely presented at the TEXTILE&HOME-2024. Spring exhibition, which will be held from March 11 to 13 at Expocentre Fairgrounds (Pavilion 3).