Unique fabrics of the Votex brand at the “TEXTILE&HOME-2024.Spring" exhibition.

Participation in the exhibition "TEXTILE&HOME-2024.Spring" will be hosted by Vologda Textile Mill (Votex). This company produces fabrics and finished textiles. The company is engaged in the creation of high-tech fabrics that are used for the manufacture of personal protective equipment and home textiles.
Votex's activities are mainly aimed at the production of innovative protective fabrics that have high technological characteristics. Vologda Combine has serious production capacities — more than 8 million linear meters per year. At the same time, the company is currently conducting a program to increase production capacity due to the high demand for special high-tech fabrics with various factors of protection against production risks.

What does Votex produce? These are fabrics based on natural and chemical fibers that protect clothing from industrial pollution. Due to the significant range of various complex finishes, they can protect a person from the effects of acids and alkalis, oil and petroleum products. They can allow the production of various versions of personal protective equipment that meet the highest requirements and standards.

In addition, the company produces antistatic fabrics that prevent the accumulation of static electricity, and at the same time have increased wear resistance, reliability and comfort of operation. This allows you to maintain the appearance of personal protective equipment for a long time. Antistatic fabrics will be useful for work in laboratories, operating rooms, as well as rooms where there is a risk of ignition or explosion.

The company's assortment includes aramid heat-resistant and fire-resistant fabrics. These are particularly durable products that are resistant to high temperatures and ignition. It has protective characteristics against burns of the second level and above. Meanwhile, fabrics made of chemical heat-resistant fibers retain their protective and operational properties for a long time, which is more than two years. They do not support combustion, do not melt and do not smolder.

The company's assortment also includes fabrics with insecticidal and mosquito-resistant finishes. Votex produces fabrics that are protected from harmful biological factors. These are diseases transmitted through tick and insect bites. In addition, she creates fabrics with insecticidal and mosquito-resistant finishes, with effective protective coefficients for workwear, including those with heat-resistant and fire-resistant properties, as well as for outdoor segment clothing.

Now the plant intends to start the production of fabrics used for military-industrial purposes, as well as fabrics for the manufacture of school uniforms.

At the same time, the plant produces high-quality fabrics that are used for sewing home textiles: percale, jacquard, waffle cloth, satin. The equipment allows you to create fabrics with different types of weaves and different surface densities. For example, jacquard machines produce large-patterned weaves and products with exclusive drawings and logos.

Votex produces finished textiles. These are bed linen, napkins, as well as bedspreads, bath accessories, tablecloths, kitchen supplies and bathrobes. The company has established mass production of textiles. Customers can make an individual order.

As noted in the company, the factory has great capacities in buckling based on natural fibers, as well as high-temperature dyeing of yarn based on synthetic fibers. In addition, high-temperature jiggers are installed at the enterprise, in which aramid and polyamide fabrics are dyed in linen. In addition, the prep and weaving equipment can weave and produce fabrics based on polyamide and cordura.

All "smart" fabrics are developed in the R&D plant's own center. The assortment is formed taking into account different market segments. All fabrics comply with international quality standards. At the same time, the plant's specialists cooperate with leading Russian research institutes and foreign institutes. This plant supplies products to Russian and international companies. Among them are leading manufacturers of workwear, hotel chains, chain stores.

The company notes that in the future it is planned to create a vertically integrated textile holding on the basis of the plant, the main focus of which will be the production of high-tech fabrics and workwear, as well as home textiles. To do this, by 2024, the number of machines used at the factory will increase threefold. At the same time, the company plans to cooperate with Russian and foreign industry representatives and create joint ventures.
"VOTEX is a brand of ready–made textile solutions for the home from a leading Russian manufacturer, Vologda Textile Mill," the company says. – Founded in 1936, the company stands out with a modern fleet of equipment that provides a full cycle of production of high-quality fabrics and finished products for wholesale and retail sales. The production facilities of the combine are now 100% full, and the weaving equipment works around the clock, which ensures uninterrupted order service. The products are presented on the main electronic platforms in Russia, which allows you to receive quick feedback from the end user, supporting sales in the era of digital transformation. Modern European equipment allows us to produce high-quality and safe fabrics for sewing finished products: silky satin for the production of bed linen for the hotel business and for home use; waffle fabric “boho” with a unique 3-d effect, which has excellent absorbent properties and is ideal for bath accessories; percale for sewing shirts and blouses, jacquard fabrics with unique patterns for table linen, curtains and bedspreads; fabrics for workwear, including those that do not support combustion"
All the company's products can be seen in Pavilion 3 at stand 3K03.