Dilbara Mukhamedova: cooperation between the apparel industry of Uzbekistan and Russia is developing

Russian manufacturers have fewer and fewer partners in the West, but this only means that the industrialists are turning to the East. And here we have already long-term partners. You don't have to look far: the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan, where special attention is paid to Apparel industry, thanks to which the industry is growing before our eyes. This can be judged, for example, by the expanded state exposition which was presented at INTERFABRIC-2023.Spring exhibition. Dilbara Mukhamedova, advisor to the chairman of Uztekstilprom association, spoke about the success of the textile industry in Uzbekistan and interaction with Russian players in the textile market:

– Today we are in sixth place in the world in production of cotton fiber. Unfortunately, in 1991-1995, we processed only 13% of the cotton grown, mostly it was exported. In 2021-2022, Uzbekistan completely stopped the supply of cotton for export. But now we have capacities, and we completely process all cotton into fiber in our republic. Last year we produced over 900 thousand tons of cotton yarn.

Despite the fact that we, like our colleagues, are now faced with the problem of availability of raw materials, our production capacities are growing every year. We launch over 200 businesses every year. And since 1991 apparel industry has gone through a complete process of privatization in Uzbekistan, there is no state regulation of textile, and in general, Apprel industry. But given that this industry is socially significant, an industry that makes it possible to create new jobs - and the population of Uzbekistan is growing at a rapid pace, the annual increase is about 500 thousand people and today, according to statistics, there are 36 million of us - it is entrusted with the most great responsibility. It provides, for example, jobs for thousands of women in rural areas.

Last year we implemented more than 200 investment projects. If earlier they were concluded with the use of foreign investments, including government guarantees, now we have been working as Uzbek investors for five years already. Banks are already starting to invest in the industry, because it is promising and profitable.

Unlike Russian colleagues, Uzbek producers were more fortunate. Our country has always occupied the first place in the world in cotton production. Therefore, the industry in the post-Soviet period immediately developed. In the first two months of this year alone, we have already adopted three government decisions to support the textile industry.

But the results of our joint work with apparel industry of Russia can be observed constantly. So, at our booth at INTERFABRIC I constantly meet familiar faces among other exhibitors, colleagues. And their circle is expanding. This means our cooperation is growing.